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movement mining of animals' behavior and interaction: Asiatic cheetah and Persian leopard in Bafgh protected area

Volume 44, Issue 2, September 2018, Pages 331-344


Farid Cheraghi; Mahmoud reza Delavar; Farshad Amiraslani; seyed kazem alavipanah

Investigation of Flooding and Causative Factors in Balegli Chay Watershed by GIS, RS, and AHP Techniques

Volume 40, Issue 2, July 2014, Pages 389-400


Ali Ghasemi; Ali Salajegheh; Arash Malekian; Abazar Esmaliouri

GIS-Assisted Investigation on Dispersion of BTEX in Industrial Regions of Zarghan, Iran

Volume 39, Issue 4, March 2014, Pages 125-136


Mansooreh Dehghani; Mohamad Mehdi Taghizadeh; Ebrahim Rastgou

Urban Flood Hazard Zonation Using GIS and Fuzzy-AHP Analysis (Case study: Tehran city)

Volume 39, Issue 3, October 2013, Pages 179-188


Esmaeil Salehi; Yusef Rafii; Mohammad Reza Farzad Behtash; Mohammad Taghi Aghababai

Comparison of Two Modeling Methods for the Prediction of Carbon Monoxide Concentration Using Neuro-Fuzzy System

Volume 38, Issue 4, March 2013


Elahe Khazaei; Aliasghar Alesheikh; Mohammad Karimi; Mohammad Hasan Vahidnia

A GIS-Based Approach for 3D Modeling of Noise by Using 3D City Model (Case Study: Parts of the 3rd Region of Tehran)

Volume 38, Issue 4, March 2013, Pages 125-140


Hamid Reza Ranjbar; Alireza Gharagozlou; Alireza Vafaei nejad; Henk De Kluijver

Land use Change Modeling Using Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis and GIS

Volume 37, Issue 58, September 2011, Pages 43-52

Mehrnoush Bakhtiarifar; Mohammad Saadi Mesgari; Mohammad Karimi; Abolghasem Chehreghani


Volume 33, Issue 44, January 2008


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