Development of a Spatial Multi Objective Optimization Model for Intensive Energy Industries Land Use Planning



Land use planning is the process of allocating different land uses and activities to the special units of land. So we face with two problems of assigning kind of activity and location of it. By considering the role of industries in development, employment and environment, we consider industrial and especially intensive energy industries planning as a multi objective optimization problem. In this paper, first with consideration of the environmental rules, unsuitable areas were removed from the case study, then minimized distance from population center was considered as a social objective and maximized distance from lakes, forests and protected areas was considered as an environmental objective. NSGA-II method has been used to find tradeoff between these two objectives. After that we evaluate selected alternatives, as a multi-criteria decision making problem, base on economical factors like maximize accessibility of raw materials and infrastructures. Selected alternatives were prioritized separately for iron and steel, aluminum and cement industries. The characteristics of the utilized model is having spatial dimension in all parts of designing constraints, objectives and prioritization, also it prevents losing good solutions with finding tradeoff between conflicting objectives.