The soil studies are necessary for all of investigation of natural resources. One of the common soil studying method in natural resources is Geology method. This method, was applied in Hasanjoon sub-catchments of Taleghan drainage basing which is located in to longitude and to latitude, and having considerable geological variation. First, the map of geology units with photo logy and field checks using geographic information system, (scale 1:20000)was prepared. Then 60 profiles and soil samples were analyzed physically and chemically and pH, Ec, %OM, %caco3 , %silt, %sand and clay were determined. Results of statistical test showed that, geology method is proper appropriate for primary study, because geology units are significantly different together .It is necessary to separate faces from litho logy for soil science study, because geology units are not homogenous and the profiles located at material have significant difference (except pH). Therefore for overall investigation and at identification stage, geology method can be useful, but for common soil science in natural resources, this method only is suitable to evaluate pH.