A Study and Analysis of Physical Development of Saghez and it's Future Optimization Development with the Use of G I S


In recent decades, the city development and city settlement have been tremendous. This has caused unequal physical and spatial expansion. The 21st century is the century of the city and living in city and almost half of the world population live as citizen. A glance at forecasting the data and statistics in 1400 shows an estimation of 130 millions of population and the calculation of present citizen growth makes the need of the areas as much as double. This growth often occurs at cities where land-use is the cause of spoiling optimal land and deterioration of sensitive ecosystem. In our country this case has caused problem. Saghez is one of the northern cities of Kordestan province which is not an exception. The growth and physical development of this city is along the horizontal direction and the extension of buildings in the city is around the central core towards the periphery which has caused the annihilation of agricultural fields and garden. An important problem of this kind of development besides the said problem results in social disorder, unequal distribution of land use, the population growth, growth in immigration, the environmental danger, in proportionate specific land-use in city building principal i.e. Wind direction, land slope, direction scope to mention few. This article considers the present physical development and then the optimization of direction for the physical development of the city with the use of human and natural factors through geographical information system.