Environmental Evaluation and Assessment of Some Important Factors of Oil Contamination in Soil around Sarkhoun Gas Refinery of Bandar Abbas



Environmental pollution of subsurface due to the long time required to detect the onset of infection and spent considerable time and costs, has a special sensitivity. The aim of this research was, investigating the exact type and behavior of pollutants, assesses environmental attributes and measurement of some important factors of oil contamination in soils around the refinery and how the range of its transport in porous media. With this aim, after the initial investigation of the site, Wells digging was done up to hardpans and then, sampling was done and Measurements related to the total petroleum hydrocarbon and total oil and Grease were performed. Then Characteristics of the main source causing pollution, with tests to determine the total suspended solids, total dissolved solids, the initial input amount of oil, chemical and biochemical oxygen required was done. Soil pollution mappings and its distribution mappings were done by Surfer and ArcGIS and MATLAB software. The results showed that due to the lack of underground water in the area and the hardpans existence near to soil surface that these traits are strange, Particular and special. Pollution spread has happened through gas conditions spread from the limited reign above the hardpan. In this study, considering becoming obvious there pollution, sources causing of it, the leakage of burning pits (main factor) and lack of full observance of safety and prevention during the operation, leakage from storage basins, leaking and broken pipes and sewage collection channels were determined. The results of causing pollution and resource characteristics that determine the parameters, in addition to determine the potential contamination, are beneficial and efficient guide for making decisions about the refinery wastewater management, strategy planning stage of the refinery and cleaning the surrounding area and determine the best cleaning system.