Volume & Issue: Volume 44, Issue 1, Spring 2018, Pages 1-203 

Research Paper

1. Application of polymerized graphene oxide for optimization of o-xylene removal from aqueous solutions through response surface methodology

Pages 1-15

Avideh Azizi; Elham Moniri; Amir Hessam Hassani; Homayon Ahmad Panahi; Fateme Kahi

7. Investigation of Factors Affecting on Land Use Change in Khorasan Razavi

Pages 99-111

Alireza karbasi; Banafshe Yazdankhah; Seyed Hossein Mohammadzadeh

8. Economic Valuation of Air and Noise Pollutions Abatement Performance

Pages 113-129

Amir Hossein Montazer-Hojat; Behzad Mansouri; Parzhak Zoufan; Hana Saeid

13. English Abstracts

Pages 1-32

Mohit Shenasi