Experimental investigation on the synthesis and evaluation of the role of biodiesel fuel prepared from Salicornia plant to reduce CO and NOx pollutant emissions in combustion systems

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Department of Organic Chemistry, Faculty of Science, University of Gonabad, Gonabad, Iran.

2 Department of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, University of Gonabad, Gonabad, Iran.


This work explains the optimized synthesis process and preparation of a novel environmentally friend biodiesel from Salicornia as a drought-resistant and saltwater tolerant plant. Also, it presents the comparative results on thermal and emission characteristics due to the application of this biodiesel in a combustion system. For this purpose, after obtaining the Salicornia plant seeds, the effects of the extraction methods on the performance of the oil extraction process were investigated. The results showed that compared to other methods, the ultrasonic probe extraction method achieved the highest oil efficiency. The synthesis of biodiesel from salicornia seed oil was carried out in the presence functionalized nano catalysts during transesterification reaction. The results of gas chromatography revealed a high percentage of unsaturated fatty acids and a low percentage of saturated fatty acids in the profile of biodiesel fatty acids. Among the unsaturated fatty acids, the dominant acid was linoleic acid (61%), and among the saturated fatty acids, the dominant acid was palmitic acid (8.4%). Finally, in order to investigate the emission performance of biodiesel, a blend of the synthesized biodiesel with diesel fuel (B10) was prepared and burned by a burner in a laboratory furnace. Then, using a KIGAS 310 gas analyzer, the concentrations CO and NOx pollutant emissions at the outlet of the furnace were measured and compared with diesel fuel. The obtained results showed that compared to diesel fuel the B10 blend fuel reduces the emission of CO and NOx 14% and 34%, respectively.


Main Subjects

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