Identification and Documentation of Iranian Unknown Historical Gardens



Due to structural characteristics and spiritual concepts which are latent inside Iranian gardens, it has always drawn attention of domestic and foreign researchers and one of the objectives of these researchers was an attempt to achieve historical garden model in Iran which have been modified or subjected to decline. The studies, which have been carried out concerning to Iranian historical gardens until now, lacked the needed solidarity to make effort for historical reconstruction of the gardens. Thus, necessity of enjoying a comprehensive model for collection and recording of historical, natural and cultural information about each historical garden felt further for documentation and reconstruction of the given garden.At the present study, environmental approach is purposed within cataloging method by which it explores the garden from historical, cultural and contextual attributes, following to introduce a comprehensive model to identify historical gardens and their documentation. In Environmental approach, historical gardens are analyzed and surveyed based on extraction of natural and historical layers of the garden within time period .Such information strata are derived from gathering and study of the existing proof and evident about history of garden, historical documents, logbooks, old images and objective perspectives. “Cataloging Method” is one of techniques which provide the possibility for gathering the existing information and recording garden’s status quo integrally. In this study, three historical gardens, namely SEPAHDAR in Ramhormoz, MOSHIROLMAMALEK in Yazd and MASOUDIEH in Tehran, have been selected which they were reconstructed and are assessed by means of cataloging technique. Accordingly, it is shown that whether its historical documentations and the purposed principles in Florence Charter have been considered in reconstruction of each garden and or if garden has been repaired only based on what has been observed in its present situation.