Finding Tourists Path in Historical Textures Using GIS (Case Study: Sanandaj Historical Texture)



In spite of continuous changes in different era, historic and old cities with their unique attraction can be considered as a best place for tourism activities. Sanandaj as a capital of Kurdistan, with its’ compressed and labyrinth old texture which during the time according the physical, social and natural features had been made, because fascinating historic architecture, unique cultural and artistic features, among Iranian’s cities can become one of the best destination for tourists. Path-finding and designing of walking rout, with aim of visit management, meeting needs of tourism and introducing this texture, are most important steps to tourism development in this textures. Designing of tourist walk rout to conservation of historic part, tourism development, decreasing negative impacts of tourism and social safety, is our attempt in this study. The method of research is descriptive – analytical and in view of type, can be categorized in applied studies. Needed data collected thorough library search and survey. In addition, according our study all route of historic texture doesn’t have needed criteria for tourist walking, so, to achieving mentioned aims, with use of GIS , effective routing factors turned to quantitative data, then, according them, spatial analysis, algorithm as an overlay, Boolean model and network analysis, best route for tourist walk identified.