Environmental Risk Assessment of Shadegan International Wetland Based on Ecological Indicators



This study was aimed to identify and mange the most stressful risks threatening Shadegan International Wetland. Shadegan International Wetland which is located in the southwest of Iran is in the Montero list and now threatened by several risks. In this study, the most important threatening risks of the wetland were identified. In the characteristics step, the risks were analyzed based on the severity, probability and consequences. These indicators were used to determine scope and extent of the risks. Based on the hydrogeomorphic approach, wetland endpoints were defined to determine each risk. The risk index was calculated based on the risk general method and William Fine risk index method. In order to mange and propose the control measures, with gathering expert opinions, Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) was used to prioritize these risks. According to the results of this study, land use change in natural habitats, change in hydrological patterns of the rivers supplying water to the wetlands (such as dam construction), water pollution caused by discharges of several sewages into the wetland, indiscriminate exploitation of the biological products of the wetland, and also the occurrence of drought phenomenon are the most important threatening risks of the wetland respectively.