Investigation of the Role of NGO Network Functions in Enviropreneurship Activities in Iranian Environmental NGOs



The study of NGOs network function as facilitator in Enviropreneurship development in Iranian environmental NGOs was the main aim of this research that conducted as a casual model method. The statistical sample was 51 environmental NGOs in Iran that selected randomly. Questionnaire research instrument was to measure the studied structures. Content validity by panel study confirmed. To determine reliability alpha coefficient was calculated. 0.94 And 0.92 value for Enviropreneurship and NGOs network functions scale showed that research instrument has acceptable capability to collect data and satisfy accepted condition. Dominant statistical method was SEM and for data analysis PLS-Graph was employed. According to path analysis results, among NGOs network functions aspect, communication and social capital, mission and aim, participation and sustainable planning and reviewing, have significant role in formation of Enviropreneurship function of environmental NGOs. The result showed fostering of network factors has a central role in development of Enviropreneurship functions among environmental NGOs. End of article some of implications were illustrated for improving Enviropreneurship functions by NGOs network facilitations role.