Developing a Framework for Evaluating Green Manufacturing Industries Based On Environmental Performance and Fuzzy Approach (Case Study: Tile, Steel and Textile Industries of Yazd Province)



Nowadays, by increasing the emphasis on the environmental protection by organizational stakeholders, including government, customers, employees, competitors and communities, Environmental Management is becoming more important for corporations. Integrating environmental management techniques along the supply Chain is an appropriate method for enhancing the environmental performance of an industry. This challenge led to create a new concept of green supply chain management in the field of business that combine the environmental concepts and supply chain. Purpose of this study is offering a frame work to Measure and compare the degree a manufacturing industry is green and finally presenting solutions for improvement. The frame work attempt to assess the green supply chain using multi-criteria decision making approaches in fuzzy environment. To do this we used consistency testing methods. This make paired comparisions more reliable. Ghazanfari and Mikhailov method were selected for this. In order to examine the practical application of this framework, the major three industry in Yazd province was used include textile, steel and tiles. The results indicate that in terms of green the tile industry is the better rating and the textile and steel industry ranked second and third. Finally, in order to assist better environmental management, the appropriate strategies are presented for managers in these industries.