Rural Waste Management Strategic plan by A'WOT Method (Case study: Minab)



Nowadays planning a strategic management system using appropriate tools and technologies to reduce the negative consequences resulting from lack of proper waste management in rural areas is essential. it was tried that in the study population which includes approximately 74/37 percent of the Minab city's population to collect Data from surveys of people attending in person and through questionnaires from selected households, Sampling, weighing and physical analysis of rural waste. To provide Waste management strategic plan in rural areas of Minab, A'WOT (a combination of methods, SWOT and AHP), is used. After identifying the factors affecting waste management, to develop a strategic plan, the weight of each factor through the process of hierarchical analysis of incompatibility determined the rate of 0/ 02. Then the considered factors put in assessing a matrix of internal and external that scored 2/105 and 2/367 by order. After completing matrix plannings results showed that strategies to enlightening the public through media and community awareness about pollution from waste management and how they contribute to sheriff's office as the best strategy with the score 5/224.