Risk Assessment of Industrial Sites of Asalouye by Using


Pars economical ly special zone “Asalouye area” is located in the extreme south of central of Iran along the Persian Gulf. “Asalouye area” consists of industrial refineries, petrochemical and different industries.
Due to existence of various industries site in “Asalouye”, it is necessary to know and classify the major risks which can affect the area. Risk simulation is one of the most applicable procedure to localize and assessing the risks.
The purpose of this paper is to identify the risk grading by identifying major dangers in some current land uses with applying semi-quantitative risk assessment method. For this purpose, risks of accidents such as fire accident, seeping of gases, toxic gases, and explosion were calculated with semi-quantitative method for each land use site and then the results were simulated by GIS. The relative weight of different risks was computed by means of AHP analysis, special vector technique, and two by two zonal risks comparing. Moreover the total risk that is the result of all risks in each land use was computed and simulated by GIS. The results of this paper can support environmental management system (EMS) in the zone of Asalouye by specifying the potential location of risks and also for safety measure planning.