Assessment of the Ecological Sensitivity in the Northern Coastal area of the Persian Gulf


Coastal area sensitivity assessment is in fact, the assessment of an extraordinary ecological rich region, in spite of existing environmental polluting factors. This study has been based on established criteria and values. The aim of this sensitivity assessment has been to give objectivity to the Boushehr province coastline region, so as to be able to pinpoint areas requiring ecological conservation. For this purpose, the studied limit was identified by satellite imagery in terms of shoreline and maximum extent of water approach into land along with consideration of the characteristics of nearby coastal villages as above mentioned limit. The coastal area being evaluated was comprising an area of 384810 hectares In this research the blueprint of a new model was planned with use of Analytic Hierarchy Process method backed by the Arc GIS Software program. In the new model the value of influencing sensitivity factors were not applied in the same manner but by determining weight coefficients, the value and importance of each factor was determined according to the amount of sensitivity inflicted on the specified environment. In total, in the area under consideration, 2994.21 hectares were defined as very high sensitivity areas,2701. hectares high sensitivity areas, 42124.19 hectares medium sensitivity areas and 290056.80 hectares low sensitivity areas.