A Study on Different Aspects of Environmental Security Considering Critical School


Security building Processes after World War II, were under the influence of realistic thoughts. This was considered a reaction to idealistic and institutional approaches. Critical school attempted to criticize classical and structural realism. New security theoreticians emphasize on extended subjects and diverse threats and believe it to be beyond the competition of countries. They believe that subjects like global warming, ozone penetration and the other environmental problems are among future threats for mankind which make countries to encounter new common threats. Paradigm changes in international relationships terminate in a developed concept of security including environmental threats. Security-making processes are determined according to the threats; if threatening parameters are changed, new problem-solving processes must be taken in to the consideration. The first sign of environmental security threats may be defined as the limitation in use of natural resources. Nowadays global changes in atmospheric chemical composition, biodiversity and natural cycles are occurring faster than any time in the history of human beings. Accordingly, critical school theoreticians search for the true place of human health and survival within the security-making priorities. Fast rate of economic growth with no environmental consideration, the crisis of nonrenewable resources and local conflicts are among the most significant threats indicated by such theoreticians. The crisis of social identity caused by phenomena like seeking refuge, emigration and urban sprawling which basically have their roots in environmental deterioration has become a major concern in achieving sustainable global security. Lack of economical resources [as a consequence of environmental deterioration] may be introduced as one of the major causes in formation of social movements in the critical school. Critical school theoreticians attempt to create new definitions of security. Highlighting the new mutual threats, they try to provide the required infrastructure for achieving the global security through all the aspects