Identify of Boujagh National Park Kiashahr Birds


Birds constitute the important elements of most ecosystems of the world. The objective of this study was to survey and identify birds of Boujagh National Park. For this reason the Park divided into 7 parts and during 24 months, between autumn 1383 and late summer of 1385, the park has been surveyed. The results show that 234 species have been identified (about %46.4 of all bird species throughout Iran). The lowest number of birds were 19 species, while the most diverse orders were Passerine and shore birds mainly Charadriiforms, and the most diverse family were Anatidae and Scolopacidae.4 orders and 17 family with one species showed the lowest diversity and in between them 12 species mentioned in IUCN red data Book, of which 6 species were Vulnerable and 6 others were threatened. 31 species identified for the first time in the area. As the bird's fauna in Boujagh is very diverse, therefore deserve the highest considerations