Determination and Comparision of Heavy Metals (Ph, Cd, Zn, Ni) in Some Commercial Fishes and Green Tiger Prawns Penaeus Semisulcatus in Bushir Area


The concentrations of cadmium, nickel, lead, and zinc in the four
commercial species; Silver pomfret(Pampus argenteus), King
mackerel. (Sc0l1l,beromorous commerson), (pomaclasys kaakan), and
Green tiger Prawns (penaeus semisulcatus) were determined in the
Persian Gulf all were collected from the Bushir coast. The
samples were digested by ultrapure .nitric acid, and then analyzed
using the atomic absorption spectrophotometry technique. The
results show that samples contain 0.4 to 4.45 ,?g/g dry weight for
Cd, 1.3 to 157.1 , ?g/gdry weight for ni 1.9 to 37.25 , ?g/g dry
weight for Pb, and 39 to 180.25 , ?g/ gdry weight for Zn.
Significant difference were seen between mean ofconcentrations of
Cd, Ni,and Zn green tiger prawns (penaeus semisulcatus) with
other species