Evaluation of the Urban Environmental Quality of the City of Tehran


This article presents the findings of an environmental evaluation
carried out for the city of Tehran . In year 2001 evaluation was based
on a mathematical model, the subject of another study prepared for
the evaluation of the urban environmental quality of major Iranian
cities. The model includes qualitative and quantitative features of a
city, forming the whole structure of the model.
Those characteristics of the model that would contribute to the
quality of urban environment, have been classified on the basis of
their importance in the structure of the model. Accordingly, in a
hierarchical order a proper value has .been assigned to all the
characters of the model. The purpose of this numerical approach is
to conclude a figure (proxy), that regarded as the urban
environmental quality index of the city of Tehran, in the year that
data have been collected. '
The degree of efficiency of the model depends on the availability of
data and statistics for the year under consideration. This model is
regarded as an efficient tool for evaluation of urban quality of the
major Iranian cities. Further the results of this model can be used to
overcome possible planning deficiency and to find the degree of
impact of implemented environmental policy for enhancement of
the urban environmental quality.