Bio-gas development procedure in Iran and the world


Because every day production of refuse material is increasing,
interest in the development of biogas units in many countries,
both as traditional and industrial plants, has been increased.
About 74 million tons of methane gas is produced from cattle
dung and 40 million tons is produced only from urban solid wastes
in the world annually .This would influence the greenhouse effect
India and china have made significant studies in the use of biogas
as a source of energy for rural areas since 19308. These units
which are known as 1hinese model and Indian type have been
considered to be compatible with rural requirements. In Iran
there have been some studies by 16 Research Organisation and
Universities from 1975 which until now about 60 units have been
installed. In this paper with attention to historical records of
biogas production utilization, the develoment of biogas in
Iran and the world, is discussed, and guidelines for the
modification and development are suggested