Waste Paper and Cardboard recycling In Tehran with a Glance to Productions, Imports and consumption of paper.


In the year 1992 the waste production rate in Tehran was 607)
TonS /Day which was collected from 20 collectiong station spread
allover the city and transport to the central station in Kahrizak ,
Further studies show thtat the amount Tehran has
reached from 1072411 ton in 1981to 2216659 ton in 11992,
which shows an increments of 9.7% per head
waste production in Tehran is 324 K.g.
In the year 1993 the per capita consumption of paper in the
country was 12.6 Kilograms.
Ccmparing the production, import and consumption in
The country during 1989 -1992 found that "there has
been ari average increase ofi8~8% 'per- year. About 60% of the
paper consumed in the country is distributed in Tehran. Nine
percent of .the solid waste composed of waste paper and
cardboard. The amount of paper cardboard which can be
produced from the recyling of solid waste in Tehran is 199499
tons annually. '
The amount of waste paper produced. by offset Printing press and
chap va Nashr Iran were respectively 300 and 100 tons per month,
The third position was acquired by melli bank ,daily keyhan &daily Etelaat press with a production of 50 tons/month for each.
the total Waste paper production of 625 printing presses in
Tehran come to 18390 Tons/annum,
The amount of waste paper recyled per year from different
government firms in Tehran is 33% of the amount consumed
(9375 Tons/Annum) which comes to 3094 Tons. This study
showed that the waste paper production of students-in-Tehran
was one' kg. per head in the school premises, taking into
consideration the number of students 1687915 the total amount is
1688 Tons oiswaste paper.
Waste and recycled papers in the country are utilised by Iran
Papyrus, Kahrizak, Moghawa Sazi Shargh, Plants Producing Egg
Trays, and 10% of the production of Nowzohour Co. and other
cardboard manufacturing companies. The total amounts utilised in
-the above stated companies is 65000 tons, This shows that the
total waste paper recycled in the country is 9% . .