The Study of Effective Factors in Limiting the Development of Green Roofs in Iran Based on Hierarchical Analysis



Due to the high value of land, low area of green space and its unsuitable distribution in the regions, the use of green roof technology in Iran’s metropolises seems a suitable option in order to improve the quality of urban environment. Using hierarchical analysis technique (AHP) and a Survey Research, this study identifies challenges which prevent the extension of green roofs in Iran. So by studying different experiences and resources about the development of green roofs and using the comments of relevant professionals, the main aspects of the lack of green roof development were examined that the result was to specify main six viewpoints. Experts’ opinions were evaluated according to priority of criteria and strategies. Then the final priority of strategies was acquired through the results. This model was used to evaluate the efficiency in providing the optimal strategies of green roofs. In this field, obstacles are as follows: different settlement costs, lack of vision as a solution for environmental approach, low cost of energy carriers, as well as the lack of codified standards, normative incompatibility, lack of local green roof industry, and finally applications researches In this context, along with the absence of economic plans, lack of subjective and objective knowledge of green roofs benefits in the minds of citizens including administrative standards and strategies against the development of green roofs. The proposed strategy is to apply successful experiences in using green roofs in the leading countries to promote quality of urban environment along with other advantages of this technology through governmental section for the presence of private sector.