Assessing Geotourism Capabilities of Kavir National Park by Applying the "Freeman" Management Strategy Model



Geotourism or Geological tourism is a kind of tourism derives from Ecotourism, Introducing Geo-heritage to tourists. This paper is done with the aim to study Geotourism capabilities in Kavir national park. This park is located in Tehran, Semnan and Qom province and managed by Semnan Environment Protection Organization.Kavir national park shows valuable natural and geological potentials, among which Salt Domes, Karst lime Dissolution shapes, Barkhans, Sifs, Sand Dunes and salt crystals in different colors can be mentioned. Park also has some historical places like Qasre Bahram caravanserai, Deir citadels, Eynorashid spring, Stone stream and cobblestone way which can attract researchers and geotourists.To analyze the practical planning with the goal of presenting managerial course, this paper applies SWOT planning strategy model which is based on the recognition of strengths, weaknesses from internal circumference and opportunities and treats from external circumference. The results are presented in internal factors analysis summary and external factors analysis summary tables. The final analyses of these findings are incorporated in Freeman matrix in order to providing a quantitative strategic plan for Geotourism development in Kavir National Park. Freeman matrix completed on the basis of economical, social, cultural and ecological priorities in study area and pos loading each development alternatives show the final results. WO strategy model " powerfully management of Environment Protection Organization in order to protect and reanimate of extinct species with +58 scores gains the first grade and SO strategy model " efforts for benefiting from Geotourism capabilities and natural attractions of Kavir National Park in order to attract tourist interested in geoheritage with +46 scores, gain the second grade.