Comparison of Venturi Scrubber and Electrostatic Precipitator Dust Collectors in Steel Plant



Steel industry is one of the most consumption of energy in the world, which is related to melting furnace which result environmental pollution. We calculate the energy consumption and capital cost of dust collectors of Venturi Scrubber (VS) and electrostatic precipitator (ESP) which are connected to melting furnace in respect to industrial ecology for selection of appropriate dust collection system which is comparative to environment. In this research we consider three melting furnace with capacity of 3,6 and 12 tonnages, and based on calculations energy consumption and govern formulas, capital costs in two VS and ESP have been done. The results show annual energy consumption in VS connected to furnace with capacity of 12 tonnages is 18 times of electrical energy consumption in an ESP. In furnace with capacity of 6 tonnages, this energy consumption is 11 times and in furnace with 3 tonnages is 4 times are reduced. The cost of initial capital in ESP system in furnace with different with capacity (3,6 and 12 tonnages) is 1.5 times of a VS system. Hence, Total cost VS in furnace with capacity 12 tonnages of steel industry is approximately 1.5 times total cost of dust collector of ESP in 20 years. While in melting furnace with capacity of 3,6 are 1.6 & 4 times. We conclude that using of VS for furnace with capacity of less than 3 tonnages, with respect to environmental sustainability and industrial ecology are more reasonable and economic.