Determining Preservation Value of the Ghorigol Wetland and Applying Analytic Hierarchical Process )AHP( for Distinguishing Use and Non-Use Values



Although individuals knowledge and awareness toward natural resources, especially wetlands had been increased but still social consideration level toward wetland importance, functions and sensitivity are low. Considerable amount of wetlands destruction caused by miscalculation of wetlands functions’ values in a market condition. Estimating the value of wetland’s function is a way in order to understand the importance of investment in preservation and improvement of wetlands. The Ghorigol wetland is one of the most important environmental resources of West Azerbaijan province that had been recorded as an international wetland in Ramsar conventions. Present study applied Contingent Valuation (CV) Method and Dichotomous questionnaire for estimating individuals’ willingness to pay and determining preservation value of Ghorigol wetland. Mean annual individuals WTP for preservation of mentioned wetland was 117240 Rials and total annual wetland preservation value was 34.59 billion Rials. AHP approach had been applied for distinguishing use and non-use values of wetland. According to AHP’s results use value (include direct, indirect and option values) and non-use value (include existence and bequest values) acquired 54.5 and 45.5 percentages of total wetland preservation value, respectively. Due to considerable share of non-use value in total wetland preservation value, policy makers should pay special attention toward preservation and conservation of wetland’s natural condition.