Importance of Ghale Shadab Prohibited Hunting Area in Khuzestan Province from Stakeholders Point-of-View



This study is based on a survey for study the importance of Ghale Shadab Prohibited Hunting Area (GSPHA), 3o km north of Dezful in Khuzestan Province, in perspective of stakeholders with emphasis on tourism. All of the stakeholders divided in three group including tourists, local communities and organizations. A total of 750 respondents were interviewed representing different socio-economic and occupational groups. The respondents were selected randomly to avoid serious bias. Descriptive statistics were derived to summarize the property of the dataset; while analytical methods (correlation and chi-squared test) were used to analyze the data and test their differences (at 95% level of significance).The results revealed that the tourists are varied with age, sex, education, culture and occupation. The visitors belonged to more than 21 provinces of Iran country. Lake of Dez Dam, rivers and springs beauty, wilderness region and wildlife, Shadab historical castle and living methods of local communities were important factors of attraction of tourists. The majority of local communities believed that their dependence to GSPHA is high and very high. Also, more than 90% of stakeholders believed that conservation of environment and wildlife in the GSPHA is very important for them. The majority of the stakeholders (94 %<) told that using of this region should be base on a sustainable use. Environmental Education was most important method of environment conservation according to the majority (85 %<) of stakeholders.