Sustainable Design of Mountainous Valleys for Outdoor Recreation (Case Study: Koohsar Natural Park of Tehran)



The needs and characteristics of Tehran Metropolitan and developing recreational areas require goal setting and special planning from various view points. Regarding the destroying process in mountainous regions, especially in south Alborz (Koohsar Nature Park), makes the importance of the region obvious. So, it's better to plan such areas in a systematic and fundamental framework.
The purpose of this research is to provide principle and solutions for sustainable mountainous landscape planning, and their probable development. Preservation and promotion of natural heritage and tourism enhancement, emphasizing on environmental quality, is among planning goals of such environments.
The expected results of the research are: conflict mitigation on intact areas using zoning procedure emphasizing on reduction of negative human conflicts. We considered model making for planning with the least environment destroying, and for sustainable tourism planning and finally to achieve tourism planning principles. Then, we compared the research findings and provided strategic plan (the best planning option) of Koohsar Natural Park aiming at observing sustainable planning principles, tourism development, and environment quality promotion.