Characteristics of Processing and Recycling Rural Solid Waste Case Study: Iran



Solid waste management system is a collection of activities used for regulate society waste in the manner of engineering and sanitary. In order to have waste management system in rural areas there should be appropriate Building capacity. The status quo of functional elements in rural solid waste management system in Iran includes collecting and disposing in the ground. The mean of per capita production of rural waste in the rural area of Iran is estimated ??????g per day and its density is ?????? kg/m?? Principles, instructions and guide lines are essential substructures of rural waste management system. . In this study the instruction of processing and recycling of rural waste was investigated. Providing instruction of processing and recycling in rural areas necessitate investigation of status quo of rural waste management. Thus waste management was studied in ? provinces, Boushehr and Hormozgan, in detail and in scope. Thus making use of results of Home office’s studies in tenfold areas of Iran the status quo of waste management was determined. The features of this instruction were acquired by investigating rules and principles of processing and recycling in industrial countries. At the last step comparative studies were done and processing and recycling instructions of rural waste of Iran were provided.