Comparing Study Between AHP, AHP_OWA and Fuzzy AHP_OWA Multi-Criteria Decision Making Methods for Site Selection of Residential Complexes in Tabriz-Iran



Environmental factors are one of the most sensitive issues that should be considered in many decisions. Site selection is one of the most widely used spatial decision making problems and is influenced by many environmental factors. The purpose of site selection is to find a set of appropriate spatial alternatives for a particular application. Site selection is a multi-criteria decision making problem. Multi criteria evaluation methods by simplification the strategy of decision making, and facilitating spatial analysis can be a good solution for many of the spatial issues. This paper uses three multi criteria decision making methods including AHP, AHP_OWA and fuzzy AHP_OWA for identifying new sites for residential complexes in Tabriz, Iran. The OWA provides the possibility for control Risk and Trade-Off in decision making. By using the linguistic fuzzy quantifiers the qualitative information where decision makers understand from relationship of different factors can be entered to model. Considering the level of expectations and needs of decision makers, each of the methods can be as a decision supporting tool and can cover different issues.