Bioaccumulation Assessment of DDT Pesticide and Its Metabolites in Pregnant Women Regarding to Age, Number of Childbirth, and Fish Consumption Variables



Despite the progressive increase of crowd, the pesticides usage has increased in order to produce food product for more populations. The aim of this study is assessing the bioaccumulation of DDT and its metabolites in pregnant women head hair samples in Noushahr and countryside of Noushahr regarding to age, number of childbirth, and fish consumption variables. In this study head hair samples were obtained from 16 and 19 pregnant women living in Noushahr and countryside of Noushahr. After extraction and clean up, samples were injected to gas chromatography (GC) equipped by ECD detector in order to determine the concentration of DDT isomers. The statistical analysis was done with Exel and SPSS (Version 11.5) softwares. The results showed significant difference between p,p'-DDE, p,p'-DDT and o,p-DDT concentration in Noushahr and countryside of Noushahr (P<0.05). In addition there was no a significant relationship between age, number of childbirth, and fish consumption variables with DDT concentration, But it was found a negative relationship between the number of childbirth and the concentration of DDT in maternal hair and also a positive relationship between the DDT concentration in maternal hair and their fish consumption. Regarding to this results, it looks necessary to have more control on pesticides that farmers used and monitor the bioaccumulation of this compounds in pregnant women body of villages.