Sdudy of Effect Variation Dosage Absorbent Sawdust on Uptake kinetics in Aqueous Solution



Sawdust of the most inexpensive and abundant most engrossing read and the ability to absorb heavy metals from water and wastewater types. On the other hand increased metal hexavalent chromium (Cr6 +) in drinking water cause toxicity, and complications from it can be. So the purpose of this research, Effects of the dosage absorbent sawduste, equilibrium time, the efficiency of absorption and calibration of kinetics model in aqueous solution of chromium. Sawdust from the local shop was preparation and particle size of 500 microns was selected. For this study, four absorbent sawdust values, including 1 g/l (SD1), 10 g/l (SD10), 20 g/l (SD20) and 50 g/l (SD50) was select and various tests were performed. The results showed that for every four absorbent, pH 7 is the optimum. Also, with increasing sorbent mass balance absorption time increases, So the maximum balance time absorbing SD1, SD10, SD20, and SD50, respectively, 110, 105, 100 and 80 minutes respectively. Mathematical Relationship between mass absorption efficiency absorbent solution and initial concentration showed that although increasing sorbent mass absorption efficiency increases, but if the initial concentration of a certain amount (the amount of crime absorbing capacity) toward to approach zero, the efficiency of all absorbent and rise toward 100% limited to. This concentration toward infinity that applies to e-mail. The calibration results showed that Avram model regression coefficient 0.999 and the error factor 0.036 data better absorption Lagergren models and Ho et al. described.