Exploration of characteristics and profile of urban tourism – a case study from Tehran



According to world statistics the highest percentage of tourists are belong to urban ecotourism and this percentage is increasing steadily. Therefore, the urban ecotourism has very high potential in attracting of tourists as well as in producing of financial resources and job opportunities. Many cities of Iran including Tehran are benefiting very diverse climatic conditions and so many places that are suitable for urban ecotourism. But unfortunately, has not got its right rank in this subject. One of main reasons is deficient in identification of ecotourism properties as well as its profile. This article is trying to identify the properties of ecotourism and its profile by using of questionnaire method in the case of Tehran city to provide better information for decision makers. 3000 questionnaires were filled randomly in more than 30 different sites including parks, forest parks and valleys of Tehran. 2679 questionnaire were analyzed and results were presented in three divisions including personal and professional properties, temporal and spatial status and profile of ecotourism. The article provides some guides and prospects for optimal and sustainable management of urban ecotourism.