Evaluation of Ecological Potential Dez River confine (Tanzimi sluice than Ghire sluice) for Ecotourism



In order to evaluate the ecological potential for assessing the ecotourism application a region was confined to Dez River. McHarg method and Networks method were applied. According to Makhdoum’s method, to determine environmental units, the ecological resources of the region were surveyed. Then evaluation of the ecological potential was carried out on the basis of ecotourism and qualified regions for ecotourism application was marked both intensively and extensively. From all 78459 hectares, including 1211 environmental units only 15.44 percent retained potential of level two and approximately 84.57 percent of it was devoid of proper potential for local tourism where soil and the bedrock are the restrictive factors for local outdoor recreation. Also around 26.28 percent of the region recognized with the potential level one and the rest, i.e. 73.72 percent, was not appropriated for extensive tourism purposes. Research area was first divided into 21 nets or squares, then ecological sources related to intended application was identified among the nets and scored. The results revealed that the region did not retain a high quality and measured as a medium to weak region in terms of ecotourism application.