The Relationship between Economic Growth and Air Pollution Considering Effect of Iranian Development Programs



Achieving to sustainable development requires high attention to environmental problems so In this head line, examining the relation between economic growth and environment quality gives us an outlook of optimum economic development. For this purpose, different development programs were investigated. Variables used in this model were propagation co2 per capita (as a proxy of pollution ), GDP per capita, number of imported and domestic produced automobile, degree of economic openness, population and dummy variable of development programs. Statistics show that, there is a significant relation between deferent stages of current variable to exerted co2 and air pollution. Estimation of Grossman-Kroger logarithmic model (with some adjustments) resulted direct relation between GDP, number of extinct automobile and population with co2 gas extension. GDP had the highest elasticity. One percent increase in GDP will raise gas extension by 5.539 percent. There is an inverse relation between Degree of openness and gas extension by the amount of 0.3372 percent. Finally results showed that 3rd Development Program is the most successful one in air pollution control and had reduced annual rise in pollution and co2 extension. This is the main result of implying comprehensive pollution reduction program in 8 big cities. Such programs are suggested to be continued considering effective variables.