Environmental Risk Assessment of Gas pipelines by using of AHP Combined Method



Nowadays environmental risk assessment is under consideration alike a useful tool in studies for environmental risk management of projects with high level of potential of destruction and hazards. Projects of Gas transportation pipelines, unlike technical and economical justification in the field of energy supplying for societies, by having danger on environment, need to the continuous studies of assessment and environmental risk management in manufacturing and benefiting stage. Applying risk assessment studies, are a step for identifying, classification and analyzing the risk generator agents and following, decrease of possibility for undesirable consequences and control the potential dangers of these type of plans are related to environment conservation. In this study, for purpose of environmental risk assessment for gas transportation pipelines, combined the indexing system method and Analytical Hierarchy Process. Indexing System is a compulsive and applicable method that was based at the basis of characterizing index effect and ranking. Final grade for environmental risk in this method produce via possibility of danger occurrence multiply with effect intensity. According to that efficiency scale for whole of criterias are not equal in the final level of risk, in this research, for the purpose of weighting the criteria’s, the Analytical Hierarchy Process was used and for the purpose of weighting the digital layers of information’s related to the criteria’s, Ordered Weight Analysis method was used. For the purpose of examinating results of this research, environmental risk assessment of gas transportation pipelines 24 inches for Tasuj-Salmas with approximate length about 42 kilometer as a case study was exerted.The most important identified risk generator agents of this project are related to the risks that came from third party damage potential and natural potentials (soil movement).