Estimation of the Preservation Value of Environmental Resources (Case Study: Miankaleh International Wetland)



According to importance of environmental resource in natural ecosystem preservation and human life, restriction of destruction is necessary. Miankaleh wetland in Mazandaran province is settlement of animal and herbaceous rare species and due to migration of birds therefore, this research will discuss determination of preservation value in Miankaleh international wetland and measure of individual’s willingness to pay (WTP) for Preservation benefits based on contingent valuation (CV) and questionnaire dichotomous choice. For measure of individual’s WTP was used Logit model and its estimation parameters are based on methods of maximum likelihood. Results show that 68.3% individuals have willing to pay for preservation value form the Miankaleh wetland. The mean of WTP for Preservation annual value of this wetland is RLs 6878.6 per household. The Preservation annual value was estimated 20.9 million RLs/ha for this wetland. Most important of effective variables are bid quantity, individual income, sex, education and jobs for preserve of this wetland. By using this results can be selected suitable price policy for preservation of Miankaleh.