Identifying the Role of Natural Features in Forming Ancient Settlement of Takht-e Soleyman by Using Satellite Images



Takab-e Afshar in the north – west of Iran. It is in a mountainous area near the cities of Dandi in Zanjan, and Takab in west Azerbaijan, lies a complex of historical and natural properties among which stands the world heritage properties of Takht-e soleyman with all its features. The present protective buffers for this site have been defined without considering the natural and cultural landscape that are the major criteria having unique roles in their development. In this study, modern technologies like satellite data processing and image analysis have been applied besides field studies and environmental interpretations together with different scientific data such as geology, botany, hydrology, hydrogeology, Tectonic, and etc. Studying the historical, natural and cultural context and consistency of Takab-e Afshar region can lead to identifying a more suitable protective margin for integrated conservation of Takht-e soleyman cultural landscape as a unified concept and also prevent its destruction.