Determination of Optimum Portion use of Various Transportation Systems to Decrease the Ecological Footprint of Tehran



Ineffective transport system in large cities including Tehran, creates important environmental problems such as increases in fuel consumption resulting in loss of large amounts of non renewal natural resources.The increasing of oil consumption in Tehran city is mostly for the inefficiency of transportation systems. This problem is one of the main causes of destruction and ending of environmental resources. The main aim of this research is to determine the optimum portion use of various transportation systems to decrease oil consumption and environmental degradation. For this aim the oil consumption of each transportation system per each traveler and the equal land area to produce that amounts of oil are calculated and analysis by ecological footprint method. The results of analysis show that subway with .003 m2 land per each traveler has the least oil consumption which is equal to 1400 private car traveler as the highest oil consumption. That means .071 private car traveler could be the best distribution of transportation systems per each subway traveler. Considering this rate and forecasting of population for the year 1405, the optimum scenario for the least oil consumption has been determined.