The Evaluation Model for Function of Municipality’s Environment in Maintaining ISO14001:2004 Standard (Case Study: 7 Region Municipal in Tehran)



ISO14001:2004 standard an active and effective element in city management system can improve function of municipality’s environment. It can be constant environment’s management. Despite many benefits of this system in municipality, maintaining is a great part that the function of municipality’s environment dependant on it. In this survey, to design a model for evaluation municipality’s environment’s function in order to keep this standard, multiple criteria’s evaluation was used. In first step, by studding texts and investigations that have done in this aspect and also interviewing with consulters and auditors of ISO14001:2004 standard in certification body, 13 criteria’s evaluation extracted by analyzes the data in software invivo8 and by Analytical Hierarchy Process procedure (AHP) criteria were weighted. The end for preparing a model, weighted linear combination procedure was used. Then by obtained model on 7 regions municipal in Tehran in 1387 that could be achieved ISO14001 Standard certification were done. Results show that the function of this municipality in maintaining this management system isn’t very rich and acting weakly. In this survey, it was proposed for improving environmental function of municipality, keeping of this standard in municipality could be considered.