Using Treated Domestic Wastewater in Concrete Mixing



This document provides feasibility study of using treated domestic wastewater in concrete mixing. Today, concrete is one of the most important construction materials. From first time that concert was used in construction materials, always the drinkable water used for concrete mixing water. Domestic wastewater contains about 400 ppm of organic materials. After the treatment of wastewater, concentration of organic matters will reduce to 20 ppm which is so low for affecting strength of concrete. Treated wastewater from SHAHRAKE GHODSE wastewater treatment unit was used in the experiments. Before using treated wastewater as the mixing water, it was analyzed in laboratory. Then the results were compared with US standards and UK standards. The sample was made of 3 main unit streams, primary sedimentation unit; secondary sedimentation unit and final outlet treated wastewater. Then the sample analysis was done by the Faculty of Environment in Tehran University. Based on the standards, for a standard block, when the reduction in strength of the sample is less than ten percent, the treatment of wastewater is suitable for using as the mixing water of concrete. In the situation of using enforcement concrete the block should cover with suitable materials to avoid cored of bar in concrete.