The Application of AHP Method for Optimum Solid Waste Landfill Site Selection: A Case Study of Bo nab City in East Azerbaijan Province, Iran



Today as the land-filling of solid wastes without taking into consideration the environmental issues would threaten the land greatly, the selection of an appropriate site for hygiene disposal of the wastes is a necessity. Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) is one of the most frequently used methods of multiple criteria choices. In site selection of an optimum place fro landfill in the city of Bonab located in East Azerbaijan Province, the AHP model has been used in the context of the software called Expert Choice. After the determination of AHP layers including goals, criteria, and the choices (landfill sites) a couple and paired comparison has been accomplished among the whole sample with the purpose of weighing all variables. Alongside the weighing for the samples, a comparison was done between the judgments that should not exceed 0.1%. The resulting findings were plotted in graphs. Among all 9 environmentally approved sites for landfilling in the study area, site No. 4 was selected as the preeminent landfill site.