Promenade valuation of international wetland of Choghakhor by using zonal travel cost method



According to performed classification by Ramsar convention (1971), Choghakhor is one of the most valuable wetlands of Iran. Despite of high abilities of perspective and variation of habitats, tourism valuations are not considered. In this study, promenade valuation Choghakhor wetland was estimated by using Zonal travel cost method. These methods is based on using map, sight, social-economical characteristics of visitors and also increase in cost and distant to area. Therefore by considering the wetland as the centre, 9 concentric circles with constant distances of 150 km were drawn around it which covers the whole country. After that population in each area was calculated by using existing map and statistics. In the next step by using completed questionnaire by viewers, social and economical data were derived and analyzed. According to existing data relation between travel cost and number of visitors was concluded. Then new number of visitors regarding to increasing costs was calculated by considering various inputs and adding them to total amount of available costs and request curve of wetland was drawn. Calculations showed that Choghakhor wetland has high promenade-economic value. Money making value depends on best natural location and beautiful sight around it. Concluded results from this study provided some valuable information to reach protection and graduation goals level of promenade of wetland without any harm to its ecosystem.