Assessing the Causes and Consequences of Occurrence of Environment Depletion Cycle in Kelardasht (Diagnosis and Theory)


In less developed or developing countries like Iran, the developing plans, due to the governance of non-scientific approaches in the feasibility study phase, provoke destroying environment, Nonsustainably development and ruining the Land Use Planning of districts. Countless experiences show that usually the solutions to solve the problems do not function properly as these unpleased consequences took place with delay. In this article, the causes and consequences of occurrence of environment depletion cycle in Kelardasht is diagnosed by systemic approach using the grounded theory and referring to the environment depletion cycle of Mr. Gladvin. . The emergence of three new scientific theories in the field of environment management is of the other artifacts of this research and because it takes into account wider span of Iran specific realities about depletion phenomenon, have more power to describe the behavior of the phenomenon in contract with other existing theories of experts and international institutes. In these three theories, the uncontrolled growth of population, lack of vision and the governance of non-linear thinking in people mental models and managers of less developed countries, the main cause of the environment depletion are identified.