Todays, we cannot imagine cities without green space in different kinds. Development of the cities cause to intensify unusual and unstable problem of urban development which environmental pollution is one of the most important problems and it will cause destroying the green space of the cities and changing the usage of these lands. Development of technology has such a bad effect on the 21st human's feeling and emotions and separates him from nature and turns them to tired and nervous people who seem moving. The only relationship between human and nature is when they go to the parks and public gardens. Urban public gardens are too important so that today they are one of the development Indexes. The aim of this research is qualitative accessing of available position green land use (parks and urban public space) in Shahrekord city to make the urban sustainability development from this aspect that analyzed Melat and Lale Park in classical way. It was gathered mainly of data by distribution of questionnaire way between park goner and methods of this are documentary, analytical and measurement methods and required analysis have been done about it. This research achievements indicates that green spaces usually are as main elements in forming to socials sustainability and urban correlation but the factors example city's difficulty, green spaces and park security, unsafety and unproportionally of necessity needs for sexual and age different groups in this places are as mainly effected factor in reduction of citizen dizzier in use of this places.