Miankaleh Wildlife refuge is situated in Mazindaran and Golestan province and it contains two sections, water area that is (68880 ha) called Miankaleh wetland (Gorgan Bay) and land area, which is called Miankaleh. The scope of research study in Miankaleh wetland is located between to eastern length and to northern width. Now days, there are a lot of obstacle on the way of protection of the base resources and management and programming in the Miankaleh wetland. One of them is lack of consideration of responsible persons and absence of environmental management specialist. In the theory of this proposal is grounded that the non-point source pollutant has more pollution load than point source pollutants, but this is necessary to note that point sources will enter their pollutions in water source definitely. In order to define a protective buffer zone we must establish a GIS for pollutant and generate land use map from ETM+ satellite images. In the next step with given results the buffer zone for given regions was determined. Finally critical regions were recognized with overlaying of maps and analysis of information. Base on specific findings in abroad, the best way to prevent non-point source pollutant is the development of buffer zone in the rivers or other water source bank, which are more vulnerable. At the end of this research barren land and farming land are determined as most important land use to transfer the pollution in the study area. Practical solution is presented to control of those land uses