In this study, the woody plants biodiversity and regeneration are compared in two Fagetum and Carpino-Fagetum associations in Namkhaneh district, the second district of Kheyroodkenar searching, and investigatory forest. Sampling was done by systematic randomly method by 200*200m network in 250hecof land area (125 hectares in each associations) in 60 sample plots (5 micro plots (3*3m) within any sample plots of land). Whole woody plant was numerated in (3*3m) micro plots. The results of this research show that the Fagetum association has more variety and richness than the Carpino-Fagetum association. The effect of evenness indices compared to richness is more to increase biodiversity. The high rate of marking plants, especially Horn beam, in prefer of Beech Trees has caused to decreased biodiversity in Carpino-Fagetum association. Number of seedlings of Fagetum association is more than it in Carpino-Fagetum association, but number of yearling and sapling are on the contrary.