Noise pollution is one of the most important environmental pollutants, which has different effects on human life. This research is about noise pollution produced by vehicles in Yazd City, as well as comparison of the results with Iranian standards. The effects of noise pollution in creation of different health problems such as concentration disruption, affect on conversation, effect on sleeping, stress, headache, dizzy, fatigue, weakness of mussels was another point to be clarified to complete this research a questionnaire was used to ask people about their health condition and its relationship with noise pollution. The people used in this research are divided to four different groups working in different areas of the city Yazd; including Yazd university employees, business people working in crowded streets and business people working in non crowded streets and the police officers .In total 200 people filled out the questionnaire for this investigation.After collection of the questionnaire and analysis of the results, it became clear that the difference between the groups is significant at the level of %5 in depressing and total mark. The group of people who are affected at the highest level is the police officers. In contrast the effects of noise pollution on Yazd University employees are the lowest between four investigated groups. Finally, it should be added that the level of noise pollution in total areas was higher than Iranian standards. Also in this research we found out that motorcycles are most suffering vehicles in terms of noise pollution in Yazd.