The executive national regulations for solid waste management has recently ratified and com to notification. This can be a great step forward in solid waste management issues in IRAN. One of the main components of Landfill as a prime element of solid waste management system is liner which has the determinant role in restraining the landfill pollutants from infiltrating to the environment. Nowadays, as the clear, straightforward regulation does not exist in the country, the landfills are not well managed and have turned to open-uncontrolled dumpsites. These have an obviously adverse effect on environment and in particular groundwater. This article has briefly gone through different options of landfill liners and then has contemplated regulations concerning landfill liners in different countries. On the other hand the local situation effective on the type of liner has been investigated and Waste category and the amount of hydrologic leach ate on site has been selected as the main parameters to determine the liner type in different locations in the country. The proposed liner types based on aforementioned criteria vary in wide range from 30cm compacted clay liner to a composite liner comprised of a geomembrane and 1 meter compacted clay or equivalent GCL for different site characteristics