Water management is a very important tool for
development; specially in agriculture. In the arid and semi - arid climates, the quantity and quality of water take a crucial significaTlt place in each project. One of the methods of water resources development is artificial recharge of ground water that can be stored in a quifers which is far from the high quantity of evaporation.
In Jahrom, situated at south - west of Iran, with less than 300 millimeters of annual precipitation, planting of lemon trees is developed strongly in the last years. In the absence of continuous surface water,
the ground water has a critical role in agriculture. Actually, the mean of annual drawdown is 2 meters and the wells> have more than 100 meters depth that neering to 250 meters.
Here, the different methods of artificial recharge are discussed with regard to watershed management. Finally, a combination of methods that can be applied in this area is presented.