land use planning is a science which based on ecological characteristics of land and its socio - economic conditions determines the optimum uses of land.
In land use planning of Tash - Mojen with 68175 ha, maps of different altitude classes, slope percentage, geographical aspect, edaphicaly properties and vegetation density were combined by overlay method and consequently the final map of environmental unit has been depicted. Climatic characteristics, water resources, road Network and soil erosion for each unit were recorded.
Socio-economic studies for the region have been done through questionnaires method. Ultimately, 249 micro-ecosystems were resulted for planning process. Evaluation of ecological capability has been done for agriculture, range management, intensive tourism, extensive tourism, and conservation. After combining the result of this evaluation with socio-economic needs of the region, land use planning of Tash-Mojen has been concluded. The results of planning of Tash-Mojen, are as follows:
11.23% for agriculture, 47.63% to range management, 30.36% to extensive tourism _nd 10.78% to conservation